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In 2001, the Open Grove team came up with the concept of an Audio Magazine. The idea was to create an audio program about health and well-being similar to an paper magazine and share it over the Internet. The interview segments are short — 8 minutes or less — and the experts are wide reaching. The entire program lasts around an hour. We hope you enjoy listening!

Guests:  Aleta St. James Trebbe D  Johnson Kay Cordell  Whitaker Darrin Owens Julia CameronDr. Steven Pratt Meg Cabot

We’ve all heard the word “abundance,” but what does it actually mean? Claudia talks with experts and authors about abundance.

Guests: Dr. Judith WrightDr. Neal Barnard David Rosenker Alan Hirsh Pia Mellody

What are addictions? Claudia talks to a variety of experts about soft addictions, food addictions, and the struggle with intimacy in this close look at addictions.

Guests:  MJ Ryan Nicholas Boothman Amy Astroga Bill Willis Tawni O'Dell Shari Lieberman Brian Gast

We are as angry as we are afraid of anger. Claudia explores anger with deep thinkers to come up with great ideas in dealing with your own anger, and dealing with people who are angry.

Guests:  William Kowalski Kathy Trochek Robert Lieberman James  Prosek Sandra Newman

Ever wonder what it’s like to be an author? Claudia talks to a variety of authors about their lives and projects.

Guests:  Bryan Kest Addison Wiggins Albert Clayton Gaulden Gabrielle Alizay Gary QuinnDr. Eric Pearl

We live. We die. Do we ever awaken to the life we have? Claudia explores awakening.

Guests:  Richard Shames Julius Lopez Lynda Sandoval Rob Cooper Francesca McCartney Jack Cassell John Newman

Have a body? You need to take care of it. Claudia talks to a few experts about how to care for it.

Guests: Dr. Michael RoizenDr. Stephanie Kong Judy Goodman Leonard Green Joe Venevery Paul & Sarah Edwards

In the end, life comes down to our choices. But what do you know about choice? Claudia explores choice on this audio magazine.

Guests: Dr. Tara Brach Joseph Dicenso Celia Strauss Bayle Brandeis Bob Smith Homer Hickim Mary Marisol

We know how to speak by the time we’re three years old. But when do we learn to communicate? You’re sure to improve your communication skills in this audio magazine.

Guests:  Ed Brodow Ricardo Baca Janice Taylor Adam Lerner Jerry Wennstrom Lesley Garner

Every wonder about our culture? Claudia explores the culture.

Guests:  Carol Weston Twee Merrigan James Swain Maggie Sheen John Moore Dan Millman

Life is a dance. Claudia talks about the life of dance in this wide ranging audio magazine.

Guests:  Tony Binstock Susan Blaunder John Ketwig Pamela Ammondson

If you’ve ever been sick, at some point, you will wonder if you will ever get well. This audio magazine explores that point.

Guests:  Michel Carol Martha Lucas Oriah  Amy Astroga Raphael CushnirDr. Sheri Lieberman Irene Rawlings

Claudia explores the topic of energy and light as they related to health and well-being.

Guests:  James O'ConnerDr. Ted Zeff Sheri Lieberman Amy Astorga David Simcox Karin Slaughter Mike Mullane

Claudia is joined by a variety of experts about how to negotiate the world of excess.

Guests:  Joe Kort Ursula Bacon Jeff Shaara Kate Niles Lisa Tucker Helen Scully Shawn Talbott

What makes a family? Claudia explores the idea of family in this poignant audio magazine.

Guests:  Deborah Santana Oriah  Carla Wills-Brandon Claire Fordham Pammy Olson Eric Rofes

Is it fantasy or the paranormal? We talk about reality and fantasy in this Audio Magazine.

Guests:  Tananarive DueDr. William Glasser Lara DavisDr. Thomas MooreDr. William Adrienne Margo Adair

What do you know about gratitude? In this audio magazine, we talk to a variety of interesting people about how to live a grateful life.

Guests: Professor Andrew OswaldDr. Edward Hallowell Bill VaskisDr. David MyersDr. Jacob TeitelbaumProfessor Ruut Veenhoven

What’s it going to take for you to be happy? This audio magazine covers all kinds of happiness. You may just find yours here.

Guests:  Susan Campbell Linda and Charlie Bloom Rushworth M Kidder Fred Johnson Shari Lieberman Gabe Mirkin

This audio magazine covers all matters of the heart. Looking for advice about dating? Wondering what you need to know before you’re married? It’s all here.

Guests:  Dan Lashof Milinda Flegal Mark Hyman Phil TownDr. Adam McLeod

How do you increase your metabolism? What happens when you get too hot? This audio magazine covers everything heat.

Guests:  Lou Manferdini Susan Lydon Lis WiehlDr. Judith Orloff Jenny Lauren Rick Ridgeway

In this audio magazine, we talk about everything regarding Home —from Lou Manfredini, Mr. Fix-It, to creating positive energy.

Guests:  Bill Phillips Deborah Tannen Christina Baldwin Rachael Harris Gary Quinn

Our bodies are the home we live in. This audio magazine covers everything to improve your body, your home.

Guests:  Donna Wells Bill Doebler Sharon Salzberg Michael Gelb Jack Zufelt

People have been known to die when they lose all hope. How do we gain this mysterious, necessary state of being? We cover all aspects of hope in this audio magazine.

Guests:  Abigail Grotke Michael Weinberger Barbara Sher Kate Trocheck Tim Bickmore Lisa Scottoline

What does it take to make a good first impression? We’re joined by experts indating as well as authors.

Guests:  Carman Harra Albert Gaulden Mikki Taylor Rupert Sheldrake

Intuition. We hear about it all the time. But what is it? How does it work?

Guests:  Terry Grossman Zhi Gang Sha Peter Temes Amy Ephron Russill Paul

Do you want to live forever? Or maybe just a long time? We’ve got the details here.

Guests:  Alfie Kohn Jeff Meidrum Peter Nardi Mick Avery Gregory Haye Paul Haffey John Schuessier

This audio magazine is a hodge-podge of compelling interviews about everything from parenting to UFOs.

Guests:  Earl Mindrell Harvey Diamond Sheri LiebermanChef Jacques Pepin Orcar GarciaDr. Fred Pescatore Mitchel Grossman-JonesDr.  Crivelli-Kovachh

There’s so much information, misinformation, and drama about nutrition, how can you possibly know what will heal your body? Claudia invited a few experts to weigh in on what actuallly works.

Guests:  Oriah  Rachel Harris Shari Lieberman Steven Pratt Due Wright Carman Harra

Self care, smelf care! What’s really necessary? Why bother? Claudia sorts fact from fiction in these informative interviews.

Guests:  Larry Dossey John Malkin Loral Langemeir Rachel Hellers Thrity Umrigar Connie Gutterson

Let’s face it, risk sucks. Claudia talks to a variety of experts in this compelling audio magazine about the benefits of risking.

Guests:  Kim Whaley Hillary Rennaissance Lorna Landvik Paul Haffey Lorna Collins Jimmy Van Leeuwen

Our lives are like gardens. Consciously or not, we plant seeds which will grow. What would you like to grow? Now, let’s look at what seeds you need to plant. Claudia chats with a few people who can help with this.

Guests:  Walter Anderson Sharon Salzberg Will Ferguson Theodore Pecks Sal Severe Maxine Hong-Kingson Morien Shames

What is success? How would you know when you’ve reached it? Claudia explores this fascinating topic with truly intriguing people.

Guests:  Molly Barker Barbara Stoker Leon MackoDr. Shari Lieberman Louis Richmond Judith Wright

What’s in your psychological tool box? Claudia shares what works in this instructive and empowering audio magazine.

Guests:  Pat Croce Timber McGuire Pam Reed Brad Feld Bill Mares Guy Finley

Have you ever stopped to wonder what is your work? Claudia talks to experts about work in this thoughtful audio magazine.